The Second Home Market is Booming in Nissequogue

2 Wallis Lane in Nissequogue, NY

The Second Home Market is Booming in Nissequogue

Nissequogue, New York has become a very popular destination for second homeowners in the entertainment industry, according to this recent article featured in Variety. We own a second home in Nissequogue and have been fans of this idyllic Long Island community for many years. It seems the secret is continuing to get out.

A Special Place

We all know about The Hamptons but interest in this lesser-known area along the Sound has grown significantly since the beginning of the pandemic. Many wealthy families and individuals—including those in New York’s thriving entertainment industry—moved out of the city and into these rural luxury communities to get away from the Manhattan crowds. We’ve seen a huge surge of people coming back to the city in the past year-plus, but many people are still seeking out second homes on Long Island.

Demand for Second Homes

Of course, luxury homes in The Hamptons and the best known vacation communities were snatched up early on and the high demand drove prices up beyond the reach of some. This led other second home buyers to find alternative destinations. Anyone who has been to Nissequogue will tell you it offers no shortage of natural beauty and charm. It’s easy to understand why it has become such a popular place to buy.

“The pandemic changed everything,” says Mickey. “People went anywhere they could find and it changed the way New Yorkers think about the North Shore of Long Island, the Hamptons, Southeastern Connecticut and the Hudson River Valley. People are looking for an alternative that is off the beaten path, and driving prices up in ZIP codes that were formerly tough sells.”

Nissequogue Luxury Living

Places like Nissequogue offer the perfect solution as the properties—though rising quickly in value—are more affordable compared to somewhere like The Hamptons. It is a metro-adjacent area, as well. People can commute to the city as needed, work from home or spend weekends or half-weeks in their second homes without having to travel too far outside the city.

Our Nissequogue listing at 2 Wallis Lane is the perfect example. It is a stunning waterfront estate with 10.6 acres along the Long Island Sound. This is a place where someone can get away from the hustle and bustle of life in Manhattan. It’s a property that looks like its straight out of The Hamptons most luxurious neighborhoods, yet the price is more attractive if comparing similar waterfront estates in one of those ultra-high-end markets.

Click here to learn more about 2 Wallis Lane, Nissequogue, NY 11780.

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