The Guys Behind the Ties: What Drew Us to New York Real Estate

The Guys Behind the Ties: What Drew Us to New York Real Estate

We want to introduce a new segment on on our New York Real Estate Blog. From time to time, we would like to share some more personal stories about our lives and our real estate careers. Basically, we want to give a little more insight on how we became Tom & Mickey. Therefore, it’s time to get to know “The Guys Behind the Ties.”

On that note, we always like to say that the easiest way to tell us apart is our ties. Tom wears a traditional necktie. Mickey prefers bowties. Whenever you see us at work or on media appearances, you can bet we’ll have our ties on. It’s become part of our brand, so why not have fun with it?

We often get asked by our clients and media interviewers what drew each of us to New York City and how we became leading real estate brokers at Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

What Brought Us to New York?

Tom: I grew up in Ozone Park, Queens. However, my family moved out to Long Island when I was a teenager. I’ll never forget when I was 14 years and old and my parents took me to Carnegie Hall. We saw the legendary Frank Sinatra perform. Everything about that night sealed the deal on my love affair with the greatest city in the world.

Mickey: I was also raised on Long Island. From a young age, however, I knew I would someday end up living and working in New York City. As I grew up, I did everything I could to make that dream a reality.

How Did We Get into Real Estate?

Tom: I was actually a professional singer, and I spent years touring the world. After awhile, I grew weary of that lifestyle, living gig to gig and not really having anywhere to set down my roots. I was ready to start a new chapter in life. A friend suggested I get my real estate license. I jokingly asked him “Does New York really need another real estate broker?” His reply hit home: “There’s always room for a good one.” So, I got my license and the rest is history!

Mickey: I grew up in a real estate family. You could say it’s in my blood. After my freshman year in college, I was looking to find a summer job. My mom suggested I get my real estate license. I was fortunate to find a local real estate broker to sponsor me. They specialized in historic properties, so it was a wonderful learning experience. I explored some other pursuits along the way, but real estate had a magnetic pull on me. I know it was meant to be.

How we met, became married and went on to form a successful real estate partnership is a different story for another day, so stay tuned for more of “The Guys Behind the Ties” features.

Buying or Selling in New York?

The simple fact is we love what we do because we love this city so much. There is no place we’d rather be than New York and real estate is a true passion for both of us. If you are looking to buy, sell or invest in the NYC market (or anywhere in the world, for that matter) contact us today!

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