The Guys Behind the Ties: Partners in Life and In Business

The Guys Behind the Ties: Partners in Life and In Business

Real estate is a very personal business. We know we are not just selling luxury properties in New York. We are selling hopes and dreams. That’s why we want people to know as much about us as possible before deciding if they want us to represent them in their Manhattan real estate purchase or sale.

It’s time for another installment of “The Guys Behind the Ties.” In our first article in the series, we talked about what brought each of us to New York City and what got us into real estate. In this article, we want to talk a little more about our partnership that goes way beyond our real estate business. It’s no secret that we are partners in life, as well. In fact, we will be celebrating our 4-year wedding anniversary in March!

How Would We Describe Our Partnership?

Tom: We are partners in real estate and real life, but we did our due diligence before teaming up. We talked to a bunch of couples who worked together and we made a pact that our relationship would always come first.

Mickey: If it began to deteriorate, we would go back to doing real estate separately. No one can be the boss. Equal partnership, all for one and one for all. In our case, we were very fortunate. Instead of taxing our relationship, it made us stronger. The synergy made our business explode, and even added balance to our personal life.

What is Home Life Like Outside of Work and Social Commitments?

Tom: We have pretty hectic business and social calendars, so unwinding at home is a rare treat. We still find ourselves having hours of conversation about anything and everything.

Mickey: Leaving work at the door is something we need to be more conscious of on a regular basis. Maintaining a separation of home life and work life is probably the most difficult thing about working together. We always try to be mindful of that, but even when we are at home cooking dinner, we somehow end up talking about whatever may be going on with our clients.

How Do We Work with Other Couples Who Are Buying a Home Together?

Tom: Shopping for a home is a very collaborative effort. While our clients may not always agree on exactly what it is that they want, we’re there to listen carefully and guide them to the best option for their specific needs—even if that means telling them to go back to the drawing board.

Mickey: The further along we get with a client in their search process, the more they can organically determine what’s really most important to them. If they can’t, we stage an intervention!

We’re still just scratching the surface as you get to know “The Guys Behind the Ties.” We look forward to continuing this series on the Tom & Mickey Blog, along with other informational and insightful articles about the New York real estate market.

To learn more about our approach to real estate, contact us today!

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