Will Eric Adams Be New York City’s Next Mayor?

Will Eric Adams Be New York City’s Next Mayor?

On November 2, 2021, the residents of New York City will elect the city’s new mayor. Leading the charge is Eric Adams, who recently won the Democratic primary mayoral election for his party. Barring a major upset, he looks primed to move into Gracie Mansion in 2022.

Backed By New York Real Estate

One of the big reasons Adams was able to win the primary is because he has strong support from the New York real estate industry. Local developers, brokers and agents have gotten behind his message and his policies. His platform calls for “aggressive” housing construction, but also for fairer housing standards.

Adams has openly criticized development as a reason behind rents increasing too much within communities of color. In 2018, he proposed that landlords should be monitored more carefully to help prevent unfair rent prices and discrimination of tenants. Adams is seeking to find the right balance between new construction, positive economic growth, public safety and fair housing.

About Eric Adams

Adams is a former police captain who served for 22 years in the NYPD. During his time in the department, he founded 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care. He was one of Brooklyn’s most outspoken officers, pushing for reform and working to fight racism. In 2006, he was elected to the New York State Senate. In 2013, Adams was elected Brooklyn Borough President. In this political role, he proved his leadership and now looks to be on his way to becoming Mayor.

The Challenges Ahead

Adams will face an uphill battle entering office in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic that still isn’t over. He’ll have to grapple with housing scarcity, an unequal property tax system, social inequality, crime, and an economy that is struggling to recover. We feel he is going to be the right person for the job. His real estate policies are in line with our beliefs, and we feel he is going to find the balance between new development and fairer housing standards he is hoping to achieve.

“Eric is going to be a mayor who understands the importance of quality of life, fair and just policing, and growth to create opportunities for all New Yorkers,” says Industry City CEO, Andrew Kimball. “I’m very hopeful he will bring a focus that embraces growth and partnerships with the private sector. He’s going to be the kind of mayor that has an open door and an open mind to development.”

Make Your Voice Heard!

Whichever candidate you back, it’s important to get out there and vote in this year’s mayoral election. There is so much happening in our city and we need fresh leadership to take us into the future. We stand behind Eric Adams.

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